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The 1936 no 7 on the promenade
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The ex-Lisbon No.305 feature has now been split into four pages

The tram was purchased many years ago with the prime intention of obtaining bogies for longer-term use under Replica Tram No.7

No.305 in Lisbon
No.305 - The move from Lisbon to Llandudno
No.305 at the Llandudno Transport Festival in 2000
No.305 - The body is sold for future use in Ireland

Lisbon Tram 305 --- in service in Lisbon
Lisbon trams have been operated by CARRIS (Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa) since 1873,  starting with horse trams and graduating to all electric by August 1902 via a brief flirtation with steam power.
The choice of 900mm gauge was to prevent horse-drawn buses,  with wheels spaced at standard gauge,  from running on the Carris lines.
A detailed history of Lisbon (including the trams) can be found on the "Luso" website complied by by John Laidlar.
283 in park
No.305 was one of a batch numbered 283 to 322 which all started life as cross-bench cars.  Our 305 was the only one to be re-built in the 1930s, and emerged as a bogie car, as shown in the pictures below.  The the other cross-bench cars donated equipment and their numbers to 4-wheel "box-cars," post-war
However the bodywork of No.283 went to a childrens' playground in 1961 as seen after 18 years in 1979

photo: courtesy of Owen Brison
No 305 in regular service in June 1988 operating along Avenida 24 de Juhlo
sporting an all-over "Philips" advert

photo: courtesy of Ray Deacon
283 in service
283 restorted
However, it was later rescued and restored to its original splendour
283 is seen on a special run at Poco do Bispo on 22nd June 1986

It is now basically a covered version of the former LL&CBER "toastracks"
Note the two trolley poles - similar to the original Ll&CBER fleet

photo: courtesy of Owen Brison
No.305 on route 3 in Praça da Figueira - probably mid-late 1960s
Note the number 305 is still on the the front dash (as opposed to above the driver's window - the normal position in its later years at Lisbon)
[ This is the earliest known picture of No.305
unless you know different and can supply a suitable photo ! ]

photo: photographer unknown
No.305 in Martim Moniz on the 13th June 1979

photo: courtesy of Owen Brison
No.305 at the Route 19 terminus - Largo de Alcantara on 19th June 1979

photo: courtesy of Owen Brison
No.305 in the Praca do Comercio on 9th August 1979

photo: courtesy of Owen Brison
No.305 on the Rua da Junqueira on 6th April 1980

photo: courtesy of Owen Brison
No.305 in Praça do Comércio sporting an all-over "Philips" advert
Probably mid to late 1980s, before receiving air-operated platform doors for use as a 'one-man' car

photo: photographer unknown
Nos.305, 810 and 275 at the former Arco do Cego tram depot (now closed) on 7th June 1987

photo: courtesy of Owen Brison
No.305 travelling along the Rua do Arsenal, Lisbon on 8th April 1991 - Pingo Doce is a Lisbon Supermarket

photo: courtesy of J Laidlar
Click here for more pictures of  No.305 on the move to North Wales  
Click here for more pictures of  No.305 at the 2000 Llandudno Transport Festival  

The long-term future of this tram depends entirely on the amount of money made available, as priority must be given to restoring the 'operational' tram No.6.
If ultimately funds were made available for it to be re-built similar to Lisbon 283, it would made a interesting running partner for No.6.

All the pictures on this page are understood to have been donated to the Society archives at some time or another
If you are aware of the photographer or can supply any further details - please contact the webmaster

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