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The 1936 no 7 on the promenade
at Rhos-on-Sea

The Current Fleet

The "original" Tram No.7 Project
Body of former Bournemouth tram number 126

(one of the 'Brush' built fleet - similar to Nos.7-15 on the Ll&CBER)

Unfortunately the bodywork is in poor condition, but it was made presentable to be the centerpiece of the "100 years since the opening" in 2007
It has visited numerous locations in the area for public display from 2007
(as well as having been 'hauled' several times along as much of the former tramtrack route that is possible - an ideal photographic opportunity !)
It will temporarily incorporate several new parts ultimately destined for the 'operational' tram and incorporates a pictorial historical display about the line and its fleet and the future

Currently mounted on a "road trailer" and normally hauled by a 60+ years old Matador and still going strong after five years of display
(further improvements planned for late-2012)
Body of a mini tram complete with working motors - copare size with the full-scale replica

The aim is to fill in the sides to give the appearance of the original 1907 Ll and CB single deck tram No 1
With a short length of portable track, the Society will be able to visit schools and carnivals to give short rides
Work is planned to start modifying the tram this year with possible completion for summer 2014
The "new" Tram No 6
Body of former Bournemouth tram number 86

(one of the 'United Electric Car' built fleet - similar to No.6 on the Ll&CBER)

It is being rebuilt to a high standard by a professional coachbuilder and a mechanical & electrical engineer over the next few years.
Certain 'new' parts (such as the upper deck railings) designed to meet stringent safety requirements will be temporarily displayed on tram No.7 as part of the Centenary celebrations in 2007.
Numerous suitable parts off the original ten trams of this type which have survived the last 50 years - many in private hands - will be incorporated.
Ultimately it is the intention to operate this tram on a short line somewhere in the Llandudno or Colwyn Bay area.
This "new" project is now seen as the logical progression of the original "The Tram No.7 Project."

Currently "in store" awaiting finance for a major re-build
Body of former Bournmouth 'open-top' double-deck tram number 101

Currently "in store" awaiting finance for a major re-build and new bogies
Body of former Lisbon tram number 305, complete with bogies

This former Lisbon tram was purchased with the original intention of using the bogies under tram No.7 - they were subsequently expected to be used by the 'operational' tram No.6
The ex-Lisbon body was painted in the former Ll&CBER colours for public display at the Llandudno Transport Festival in 2000

The body was sold in 2008 to raise money for further work on tram No.7
but the bogies and running gear have been retained for use under one of the open-top trams - as was always planned

No.7 - static display (interim - hauled runs)  
  from 2007 to date
mini No.1 - to be operational on portable narrow gauge track    interim aim (to visit schools, carnivasl, etc.)
No.6 - to be operational     long term aim
No.101 - to be operational     long term aim

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