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The 1936 no 7 on the promenade
at Rhos-on-Sea

The ex-Lisbon No.305 feature has now been split into four pages

The tram was purchased many years ago with the prime intention of obtaining bogies for longer-term use under Replica Tram No.7

No.305 in Lisbon
No.305 - The move from Lisbon to Llandudno
No.305 at the Llandudno Transport Festival in 2000
No.305 - The body is sold for future use in Ireland

No.25 - leaves North Wales

The body of ex-Lisbon 305 about to be loaded for onward transport
from North Wales to Ireland on Saturday 31st May 2008

                                                                                                        photo:   Andy Scarratt
The tram was subsequently "observed" being loaded onto a ferry at Holyhead later the same day

No.25 - resting in pastures new

It was spotted three years later in an Irish field on 2nd June 2011 still sporting the number 25 and in the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay colours as first displayed
over a decade ago on Bodafon Fields - at the Llandudno Transport Festival in 2000

                                                                            Photo:  Alan Larkin

Note it still proudly shows "COLWYN BAY Greenfield Road" on the front

Lisbon Tram No.305 finds a new use in Dublin

Five years later, the former Lisbon 305 has regained her original number
and has been converted into "The Tram Cafe" now located in Dublin

The Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Tramway Society wishes the new owners every success with latest phase in the life of 305


The bogies and running gear have been retained by the Ll&CBTramSoc for possible future use - as was always the Society's original long-term intention

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