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The 1936 no 7 on the promenade
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The "new" Tram No.6
When the Ll&CBER closed in 1956 the only tramcar not to be scrapped was the ex-Bournemouth tram, No.6.  This tramcar became part of the British Transport Commission collection and was on display in Ll&CBER livery at the Clapham Transport Museum throughout the 1960s.

Owing to spiraling costs, work has reluctantly been stopped on the professional restoration of this tram which we would all like to see running somewhere in the area
We need 500,000.00 to complete the work
Sadly this amount of money is now outside the scope of our Society
With only a limited amount of money coming in each year, it has been decided it would be better to spend the funds currently available for storage, outings and further work to our Replica Tram No.7
which we were at least able to display on several occasions during 2007 and hope to do so again in 2008

If you really would prefer to see the tram fully restored so it could operate in North Wales, then NOW is the time to make a generous donation to the society
We need 2,000 by the end of March just to store the tram parts under cover for the next twelve months
(unless you can offer a suitable location free of charge !)
If YOU would like to sponsor its ongoing annual storage costs,
or better still sponsor the whole restoration
please contact our Treasurer or Chairman NOW
This is your last chance to save the project

  When Clapham closed, the collection was split between the National Railway Museum at York and the London Transport Museum at Covent Garden.
As No.6 was not considered relevant to either collection it became the property of the Science Museum and two opposing bids were made for its restoration, one from a newly formed group based in Llandudno and one from a group in Bournemouth.  The Bournemouth group were successful and No.6 was repainted in its former Bournemouth livery and given its original running number 85.  It is now displayed at the 'Southern Electric Museum of Electricity' in Christchurch, Dorset.

When it was realised the state of the bodywork of earlier No.7 would not be acceptable for 'operational' purposes, another ex-Bournmouth tram body from the "United Electric Car" build (No.86) was located and subsequently purchased.  Work has started on rebuilding the tram to a high standard by a professional coachbuilder and a mechanical & electrical engineer.  The completion date depends entirely on availablity of finance which is where you can help !

The short timescale meant it was impractical, with the very limited funding then available, to have it ready for display throughout 2007 - the Centenary of Opening of the Tramway year.   Hence the prime aim of the interim "Replica" Tram No.7 was is to raise awareness of the project and to hopefully bring in sufficient additional members/funds/sponsorships/grants not only to keep that tram going for the next few years, but also to be the catylist for on-going work to tram No.6.

This Society's long term aim always was and still is for this tram to be operational somewhere in the Llandudno or Colwyn Bay locality so it can become the "flag-ship" of the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Tramway Society in the longer term.  The sight of Replica Tram No.7 on public display at various locations on numerous occasions during 2007 has raised public interest, but the actual progress on No.6 is entirely dependant on ongoing funding coming in.

If you can help in any way, especially if you have experience in "Funding Applications," please contact the chairman or any other appropriate member of the Tram Society Committee as we need a major injection of cash NOW !

Alternative of you cannot give any practical help, why not simply join the society ?

No.6 - to be operational     in the longer-term

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